European Solar Prize 2016: Announcement of Award Winners

The energy transition to 100% renewable energy is a key element of the EU-policy process. By keeping its sovereignty, all member states must act together and learn from each other to achieve the energy transition to 100% renewables. The implementation of a common political framework for a ‘Renewable Energy Union’ has to focus on the different national, regional and local needs and must aim at ambitious renewable energy targets. Currently, the European Commission strangles the efforts of the individual states instead of allowing its members to choose its own market rules for the implementation and trade of renewable energy.

Outdated conventional structures and the gigantic subsidies for fossil and nuclear energy have to be overcome. The realization of a sustainable energy system is urgently necessary and already numerous actors show how renewable energy can successfully being used.

The European Solar Prize  honors towns, companies, organizations, cooperatives and private persons who are taking the matter of the renewable energy transition in their own hands. The outstanding award winners give an impressive account of the ability to shape a sustainable future with their own power, finances and will to succeed in the current political, economic and societal boundaries.

Dr. Josep Puig, from EUROSOLAR Spain, is happy about the promising engagement from society and the willingness to participate in the energy transition:

“While some European governments are trying to put the expansion of renewable energy in the hands of energy oligopolies, people around the world are leading the energy transition towards 100 percent renewables and pushing for energy democracy.”

The City of Barcelona supports local organizations working towards the replacement of fossil and nuclear energy sources. Janet Sanz, Councillor for Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility explains:

“In Barcelona we have initiated a wide-ranging strategy to introduce a change of energy model which will allow us to achieve energy sovereignty and to put it into the hands of the people. The challenge is important because we are faced by many years of concentrated control and power in the energy sector, but it is necessary to lead the way and transform nonconformity into government action and community activism”

EUROSOLAR e.V. together with the Spanish Section of EUROSOLAR and Barcelona City Council will honor this year’s award winners of the European Solar Prize on Friday, 18th November in ‘Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site’ in Barcelona. In addition international energy experts will debate on the topics ‘Policy and vision for an energy transition’ and ‘Moving towards energy democracy’.

The participation in the event is free of charge. English-Spanish/Spanish-English simultaneous translation will be provided. Please find more information about the event and register for free until 15th November 2016 at or

The European Solar Prize 2016 goes to:

Category: “Towns, municipalities, council districts, public utilities”

• Energy self-sufficient community of Kisielice, Poland

Category: “Solar architecture and urban planning”

• Renovation Johann Böhm, Austria

• Medal: Renovation Anliker, Switzerland

Category: “Industrial and commercial companies or farmers”

• Bodegas Torres, Spain

• Interfloat Corporation, Principality of Liechtenstein

Category: “Local or regional associations/organizations”

• Repowering London, United Kingdom

Category: “Owners and operators of renewable energy installations”

• Zusamme Solar! Colmar, Germany/France

Category: “Transport and Mobility”

• Weisse Arena Bergbahnen, Switzerland

Category: “One World Cooperation”

• nph deutschland, Germany

Members of the jury:
Prof. Peter Droege, President of EUROSOLAR, Chairman of the jury
Dr. Axel Berg, EUROSOLAR Germany
Gallus Cadonau, Swiss Solar Agency
Prof. Eliana Cangelli, EUROSOLAR Italy
Stephan Grüger, Member of the Hessian parliament, Vice president of EUROSOLAR
Wolfgang Hein, EUROSOLAR Austria
Andre Langwost, EUROSOLAR France
Dr. Josep Puig, EUROSOLAR Spain
Irm Scheer-Pontenagel, EUROSOLAR
Maryke van Staden, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

Press contacts:

Steffen Otzipka for EUROSOLAR e.V.
phone: +49 (0) 228 362373
e-mail: sp[at]

Dr. Josep Puig for EUROSOLAR Spain
phone: +34 (0) 608 094 397
e-mail: eurosolar[at]

Clara de Yzaguirre Pabolleta for Ajuntament de Barcelona
phone: +34 (0) 93 402 75 48 / +34 (0) 661 25 97 06
e-mail: cdeyzaguirre[at]

Detailed information about the award winning projects will be available on Friday, 18th November from 18:00 pm (CET) at:

Source: Press Release by EUROSOLAR, The European Association of Renewable Energy.

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