3rd Annual Power Tech Africa 2019

Kenya aims to produce 19,200 MW against a demand of 15,000 MW by 2030. Kenya’s population is expected to grow from 49 million to about 90 million people by 2050. Since only about 40% of the population now has reliable electricity service, about 1,500 miles of new transmission lines are under construction, with plans for an additional 3,600 miles.Renewable energy in Kenya is making the dream of achieving Vision 2030 a real possibility.

With this insight and the ensuing opportunities in the neighbouring countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Tanzania, Bricsa Consulting is committed to host the 3rd Annual PowerTech Africa, a 2 day exclusive closed-door gathering of senior renewable practitioners from both public and private sectors across the world with a keen interest to participate in the growth and development opportunities in the region.We look forward to welcoming the interested participants to share the platform and be a part of the elite gathering looking towards a positive outcome.

Identifying the potential of renewable sources in the Sub-Saharan Regions – Wind, Solar, Tidal Wave, Geothermal, Gas
Implementation of Smart Grid / Off–Grid technology projects using renewable energy for a better and reliable power transmission
Sources of capitalizing renewable power projects & Exploring Foreign Direct Investment policies for better project implementation
Hybrid Energy System : Spurting opportunities for energy market

This upcoming summit would bring together senior stakeholders to discuss the most pressing issues in Africa affecting the development of Power. This forum is designed to connect major power developers, independent power producers and the solution providers, including consultancies, project management firms and legal advisories a platform to discuss and debate best practices which can be instrumental in maximizing the power in the region.

Event URL: https://bricsaconsulting.com/event/3rd-annual-powertech-africa-2019/

Contact name: Jigisha Vasa
Contact email and tel:
Email id: [email protected]
Tel: +91-22 4880 3432

Event Categories: Event: Networking and Solar EventsEvent Tags: Gas, Geothermal, Hybrid, Solar and Wind

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