CSP Focus MENA 2018 June 27-28 Marrakech Morocco

Thanks to the dispatchable power produced by CSP, more countries in MENA region are considering to place solar thermal technology in their future energy system.

Morocco government is accelerating its renewable energy ambitions. Currently, the world’s biggest NOOR Ouarzazate Solar Complex has witnessed the rapid development of CSP in this country. After the operational NOORo I 160 MW PT plant, 200 MW PT plant NOORo II and 150 MW Solar Tower plant NOORo III are close to completion this year. Besides, NOOR Midelt, a hybrid solar PV and CSP complex is under development, saying at least 150 MW CSP will be deployed for each plant.

Last year, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) announced to generate 1,000 MW in Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park by 2030. Besides its PV strategy, the 4th phase 700 MW CSP plant (100 MW Tower, 3*200 MW PT) shocked the industry by USD 7.3 Cents/kWh, offered by ACWA & Shanghai Electric consortium. The project officially broke ground this March and will be fully competed by 2022. Abu Dhabi, has also shown CSP’s availability in 2013 by Shams One project—the first commercial CSP plant in MENA region.

Saudi Arabia REPDO (Renewable Energy Project Development Office) is established to deliver renewable energy across the Kingdom in line with Vision 2030; Kuwait is constructing 50 MW Shagaya CSP plant to accelerate its renewable target. Oman has successfully launched the world’s largest CSP EOR project, indicating another potential market in MENA region. Other countries like Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Libya, and Tunisia…are showing their positive attitude towards CSP and other sustainable energy.

Obviously, MENA region is showing its great potential to be next hot area for CSP development. To get you the professional platform for getting known of MENA CSP future deployments, current project updates and excavating more business opportunities, we warmly welcome you to join CSP Focus MENA 2018 on June. 27-28 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Highlights of CSP Focus MENA 2018 during June 27-28 in Marrakech Morocco:

• Benchmark project updates–Latest news about ongoing projects such as Noor complex, DEWA CSP…etc.

• Supply Chain Improvements–Improvements of local supply chain accelerate industrial economy

• China’s involvements–Current China CSP market status and Chinese influence on CSP promotion

• Projects allocation plan–Future CSP development plan among emerging MENA countries favors new business opportunities

• Potential applications–Hybrid plant or EoR, water desalination can be treated as other potential applications for CSP technology

The unique professional CSP conference focusing on MENA region for globle CSP peers.

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