IRAN RE 2017

Welcome to IRAN RE 2017 Meeting

1st Business Meeting on Trade Mission of Renewable Energy Market in IRAN

9th Iran International Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Exhibition

25-27 February 2017, Tehran, Iran

IRAN RE 2017 is the first international commercial & business meeting in the field of renewable energies in Iran that concentrated on private companies’ role. Several local and international companies in industries related to energy, will represent their abilities and power. This meeting presents an opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers, EPC contractors, consultant companies, law firm companies, developers, financers and investors in this area to branding, promoting their products and services, and to discover new opportunities in power industry of Iran.

Based on our experiences, most of the conference have been held for Iran RE market were really strong in providing general information from stakeholders’ rules and responsibilities. But most of them didn’t bring something new regarding the role of private companies and their roles, the ability if local companies, to introduce local investors and financers, and to connect local developers to international players. In order to evaluate the renewable energy market in Iran, we have planned following facilities for all companies;

Networking with key contacts and communities in the power development sector
Getting the first-hand information of Iran Renewable Energy market
Access to buyers and specifiers with real needs in Renewable Energy sector
Growing your business in the emerging market with new contacts
Furthermore, visiting ((9th Iran International Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Exhibition)) will provide a better view regarding the Iran clean energy industry and market situation. In addition our team will support you if you decided to have a booth in this event.

We hope IRAN RE 2017 will accelerate developing of renewable energy systems industries and business in Iran. To achieve this goal, we have planned an event with following characteristics;

10+ Speakers
100+Senior professionals
5+ Hours of Networking
6+ Hours of Expo visit
Dinner, Coffee Break, Culture Party
Support of all the key industry associations

See Event’s Brochure.

Event Categories: Event: Networking, Sector: Renewable Energy and Solar Events

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