Roadmap for Innovations in Solar Energy – RISE 2017

Solar – Roadmap for Innovations in Solar Energy – (RISE 2017) 2 Days Conference / Expo / Awards 20th & 21st July 2017 Hotel Vivanta by Taj Dwarka, New Delhi.

9 years at Mission Energy Foundation, is life-changing. Instead of merely adding skills, the leaders from energy sector and their experiences allowed us to dig deep, work with and move through experiences and cells in order to be clear in our purpose, and therefore, LEAD!

“You’re building the future. Please build the one you want to live in.” – A CLEAN WORLD with CLEAN ENERGY… Throughout the last 9 years Mission Energy Foundation have delivered successful platforms of knowledge dissemination on various subjects like Gasification, Waste-to-Energy, Fly Ash Utilization, Biomass, Solar and Wind gathering who’s who from Entrepreneurs to Academicians to Government Authorities to Technology Providers to Consultants to Industry Professionals from the growing energy sector globally.

Indian government reportedly committed to bring down carbon foot-print of India by 20% by 2020, i.e., reduction of about 322 million tons of CO2 per year. Remarkable efforts are needed to fulfill this commitment and overcome below some major challenges…

Land availability for solar power plants, may pose a strain on India’s already constrained land resource. Currently approximately 1 km2 (250 acres) for every 50 MW generated, this means additional land requirement of about 83,333 acres every year till 2022 from now.

Deficit in manufacturing of quality & reliable indigenous PV cells at competitive prices.

Present PV cell manufacturing capacity in India is 297 MW as against the target requirement of at least 15 – 20 GW addition every year to fulfill the target of 100GW by 2022.

Further, states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu etc have not yet mandated any DCR in their policies.

Huge investment is required for transmission; up-gradation of infrastructure in order to utilize power generated though Renewable Energy sources.

Adopting Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)

Entire manufacturing chain mostly dependent on import of components from other countries this is why the Government is encouraging backward integration to expand the chain of production in India and Indian manufacturers of solar technologies is expected to play a bigger role.


With our expertise, we take this opportunity to announce the national CONFERENCE EXPO & AWARDS Roadmap for Innovation in Solar Energy – RISE 2017 scheduled on 20th & 21st July 2017 Hotel Vivanta by Taj Dwarka, New Delhi.

With extreme response and encouragements to the conference Mission Energy Foundation shall also recognize innovations & excellence in solar energy space to those who have differentiated itself from the crowd with groundbreaking ideas and technological innovations. To this end, the Solar Innovation & Excellence Award 2017 will be presented, honoring innovative products and solutions for better development of the solar industry in the years to come ahead…

With the above in mind we request your esteem organization to support the conference as our Megawatt Sponsor and attached is updated brochure for your kind perusal. You may also visit the summit website for updates


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