Solar Energy Future Japan 2021

Outlined in the 5th Strategic Energy Plan, Japan had aimed for between 22% and 24% of the country’s generation mix to be attributed to renewables in 2030. In 2019, renewables made up 19% of the country’s power generation, including about 8% of wind and solar power.

In the next decade, Japan’s wind and solar generation costs are expected to fall by over 30%, further improving competitiveness against fossil fuels. This will lead to major investment opportunities in new energy even as subsidy levels decline.

High power prices and government subsidies have helped Japan to become a leader in distributed solar power with over 45 gigawatts (GW) deployed to date, while offshore wind is expected to grow exponentially to about 8GW by 2030, and help to displace baseload conventional power.

Japanese Solar PV and Energy Storage Market
• Japanese government has set the target of Net Zero Emission by 2050;
• 69.8GW of total solar PV capacity by 2020.
• 9% solar PV share of total generated electricity in 2020;
• Expect over 200GW solar PV installed by 2050;
• Huge developing potential for rooftop solar and energy storage;
• Around 800MW Solar PV assets secondary market capacity by 2020.

With highly successful editions in Osaka and Tokyo from 2018-2020, the 4th annual Solar Energy Future Japan 2021 (formerly known as Japan Solar + Energy Storage) will run forward to Yokohama on 17-18 June 2021 with brand-new editions and continue the spectacular solar PV tour.

SEFJ2021 will be a premium business platform that focuses on the greatest changes of Japanese solar PV and energy storage market via the form of conference and exhibition, gathering participants from local governments, leading developers, service providers, investors etc.

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