SolarAPAC Digital

SolarAPAC Digital Program Overview

Rooftop Solar Topic

APAC Market Overview | 3 March
Module 01: Rooftop Revolution: Scaling-Up the Deployment of RTS in APAC Region

RTS Financing | 19 March
Module 02: Making Financing RTS Projects More Accessible and Uncomplicated Across APAC

Feasibility Analysis | 1 April
Module 03: Deep Dive into RTS Feasibility Study from Technical and Commercial Perspectives

Construction and installation of RTS | 15 April
Module 04: What Are the Major Construction and Installation Fundamentals of RTS Projects

Battery storage plus RTS | 29 April
Module 05: Reliability & Affordability: Incorporating Energy Storage into Your Rooftop Solar Asset

RTS O&M and Asset Management | 11 May
Module 06: Decoding O&M: Considerations for Residential and C&I Rooftop Solar in APAC

Large-scale Solar Topic

Solar + Energy Storage | 26 May
Module 07: Will Hybrid Solar & Storage Become the Future of Renewables in Asia?

Floating Solar | 10 June
Module 08: How to Design Against Natural Hazards Affecting Floating PV Projects

Solar Bankability | 23 June
Module 09: How to Balance Increased Investment Costs and Solar Energy Yield Payback

Solar PPA | 15 July
Module 10: What are the Major Legal and Financial Concerns When Powering Corporate Consumers

Solar Asset Management | 29 July
Module 11: Key Considerations for Cutting Cost and Increasing Output of Your PV System

Solar Asset Management | 12 August
Module 12: From Design to Operation: How to Maintain Stability in Performance and Reduce Risks in Extreme Weathers

Solar Risk Mitigation | 26 August
Module 13: How to Divest, Sell or Refinance your Solar Projects with Lower Risks

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