The 15th AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition & Cooperation Forum

The 15th AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition & Cooperation Forum will be held on 3-4 September 2020 in Hangzhou International Expo Center (G20 Pavilion), organized by Photovoltaic Green-ecosystem Organization (PGO), China Industrial & Commercial and Household PV Brand Alliance (CHPBA), China Solar Tracking System Alliance (CSTSA), New Energy Branch of CIITA.

We will invite leading experts and entrepreneurs from relevant national departments, industrial organizations worldwide to explore the industry’s innovative development and cooperation.

The exhibition area totals 20,000 square meters, and about 100 brand exhibitors, 100 speakers and 1000 representatives are expected to attend our event which will present you a Themed Forum and an Awarding Ceremony, three High-level Talks, five Themed Sub-forums along with two days of Exhibition with following content:

1) Solar PV manufacturing equipment
2) Crystalline silicon, thin films, glass, backplane and other innovative PV technological products
3) Inverter, stand, solar tracking system and other technological products
4) Advanced technologies of solar PV system, design, construction & management of solar PV station
5) Energy storage micro-grid and other innovative products
6) Solar-hydrogen energy production equipment
7) Investment & financing institutions of Solar PV station with innovative modes
8) Distributed industrial, commercial & household PV brand enterprises

More information can be found on our website:

The 15th AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition & Cooperation Forum Agenda (Updating)

Afternoon, Sept 2, Closed Meeting
Only for invited guests

Morning, Sept 3, Inauguration and Exhibition Visit
Leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and other delegates from domestic and foreign government or industry organization to visit the exhibition hall

Afternoon, Sept 3, Themed Forum & High-level Dialogue
Themed Forum: domestic & foreign PV industry leaders, experts and entrepreneurs to deliver keynote speeches
Dialogue 1: Analysis on Solar PV and Energy Storage Market and Practical Experience on Market Development
Dialogue 2: The Trends of Solar PV and Energy Storage, Hydrogen Energy Technologies
Dialogue 3: Innovative Development of Distributed, Multi-Complementary and Household PV Industry

Evening, Sept 3, Innovation Awards Dinner
2020 AsiaSolar Innovation Leading Figure Awards
2020 AsiaSolar Innovative Enterprise Awards
2020 China Distributed Photovoltaic Innovative Brand Awards
2020 AsiaSolar Energy Storage Innovative Enterprise Awards
2020 The 3rd Voice of PV China Finals

Full Day, Sept 4, Themed Sub-Forum
Sub-Forum 1: “The Belt and Road”& Asian Overseas PV Project-Matching Conference
Analysis on PV and Energy Storage Market in global and Asian area
Overseas PV project-matching in Asian area

Sub-Forum 2: New Technology, Products, Equipment of Photovoltaic and Energy Storage
Intelligent Factory Equipment, Intelligent Solar Cell Production Line, Software & Management System
PERC, Heterojunction, Perovskite, Shingled, Half-Cut, Paving Module and other innovative solar module technologies
Micro Inverter, Solar Energy Storage, 1500V Inverter and other types of inverter technologies
Other Innovative Technologies of PV and Energy Storage Accessories

Sub-Forum 3: Solar PV, Energy Storage and Hydrogen Innovative Joint Application
PV+ Energy Storage and other multiple business modes
New Application of User Side Energy Storage System
Solar–hydrogen Energy Production Technologies

Sub-Forum 4: Technological Innovation and Application of Solar Tracking System
Advanced EPC and Innovative Solar Stands around the world
Innovative Application of Smart Tracking System

Sub-Forum 5: Development, Investment, Construction, Transaction, Operation & Maintenance of Distributed Solar PV Station
PV-Poverty Alleviation, PV-Agriculture, PV-Fishing, BIPV and other diversified programs
Multi-variety Investment and Construction of PV Power Station, Smart Operation & Maintenance
Green Certificate, Market-based Distributed Generation Trading Mechanism and other electricity market transactions

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