The Second International Conference on Green Urbanism


Green urbanism is defined as the practice of creating communities beneficial to human and the environment it is an attempt to shape more sustainable surroundings, communities and lifestyles. and consume less of the world’s resources. Green urbanism is interdisciplinary, combining the collaboration of landscape architects, engineers, urban planners, ecologists, transport planners, physicists, psychologists, sociologists, economists and other specialists in addition to architects and urban designers.

Cities can and must become the most environmentally-friendly model for inhabiting our earth. It is more important than ever to re-conceptualize existing cities and their systems of infrastructure, to be compact, mixed-use and polycentric cities.

The conference provides a context for a general debate about the regeneration of the city center and discusses how urbanism is affected by the paradigms of ecology.

IEREK organized this conference to deal with cross-cut issues in architecture and urban design and address the question of how we can cohesively integrate all the aspects of energy systems, transportation systems, waste and water management and passive and active strategies into contemporary urban design and improve environmental performance of our cities.

The significance of this conference lies in the pressing need for the integration of sustainability principles in the urban design process of cities and the general need for sustainable city development. It will be of particular relevance to the rapid urban growth of developing cities.


The conference proceedings will be published in full in Resourceedings and SSRN by ELSEVIER.

Publication in the Springer Book Series will only be applicable to the selected papers that will be supervised by highly professional members of an International Editorial Board to ensure a high-quality publication material.

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